Palm Pre Tips & Tricks


The Palm Pre came out on June 6th, I was fortunate to get one on the release date. Here are some tips and tricks related to its WebOS.


  • Palm's gesture documentation
  • Enable advanced gestures. Once enabled from "Screen & Lock", a swipe left or right along full gesture area (below screen) goes to next/previous app, like alt-tab. The "Back" gesture then becomes a swipe only from the middle of the screen + swipe left.
  • Delete Icon/Uninstall app: Hold down Orange key and tap icon. Cannot delete everything.
  • Take a screenshot: Hold down Orange key and press P
  • Debugging info: Orange Key + Sym + i
  • Delete an email without opening it: press the message with your finger and just slide it off of the screen.
  • Change icons in the launcher bar: hold down an existing icon + drag up to remove. To add, hold down an icon and drag it down to the launcher.
  • Ignore an incoming call when the phone is locked: tap the power button.
  • PDF Guide/cheat sheet from here.


  • There is no way (yet) to sync only some contacts from Gmail/Facebook. Hopefully they will support groups in the future and let you sync only certain ones.
  • When connecting to a WPA2 WiFi Access Point, it always seems to think it's "Enterprise" mode and requires a username which isn't valid in all cases.
  • No option to disable images in e-mail.
  • Instant Messenger program is AIM/Google talk only. Cannot manually add a jabber account to a non Google server.
  • Google Maps application doesn't support Latitude


Here are some various 480x320 wallpapers. The Mario ones came from here.


See below for a ringtone that actually sounds like a phone.