Starwars Arcade Cabinet - Status


Here's the status log of the machine, documenting all work done to it.

August ??, 2002 Mark comes and gets the entire thing working. It works like a champ! See the pictures!
August 6, 2002 Mark came to pick up the flyback and HV board to install. Also, I had received my BU406D's and it shall be replaced as well. He was happy to have all of the documentation that I gave him (thanks to all who wrote the Amplifone guide), so I'm hoping for the best. He should be back to test it this week.
July 25, 2002 The flyback has arrived in three days indeed! I've scanned the docs that came with it since I've not seen them elsewhere on the internet. I've called Mark to come and install the flyback, so it should hopefully be going in shortly. Also, it seems that the BU406D transistor likes to go when the flyback does, so I ordered some. Actually, I ordered 10 in case someone else is in need. They were available online from a german music product company- Banzai Music Products. They seem to make guitar pedals and such.
July 22, 2002 I order the flyback from Wintrontech. It should take three days.
July 19, 2002 I call mark to find out if he's found anything; unfortunately he has not. He is willing to install the replacement flyback, however. I also let him know that I have a troubleshooting guide which I found on the internet for the HV board. For some reason, he doesn't use the internet for any information on arcade games. Strange!
July 11, 2002 Mark comes and installs the parts. Unfortunately, it is still not functional. He beleives that the flyback is bad (it's the original red one, from what I've read, it certainly seems that it should not have lasted this long in the first place). He says he will attempt to find a replacement of the HV board via his contacts. I tell him of the wintrontech replacement, he had never heard of it but beleives that $190 is a rediculous price. He believes that an entire monitor and HV board replacement should be had for that. This is probably true for most other raster games, but obviously not for this specific one.
July 3, 2002 I track down Mark, the repair guy. Fortunately he still has the parts. He replaced some caps on the HV board hoping that it will fix the problem (did I mention that the problem is that it has no video?)
June 29, 2002 The machine comes in to my possession. Its previous owner started a repair attempt, so its HV board and deflector board were missing and are in the possesion of a local repair guy.