Linux on DFI Infinity RS482 (ATI x200 based)


I fried an Athlon XP, so I got a DFI Infinity RS482 mobo:

I ran across the following problem(s) getting Linux (Debian Unstable) installed on it:

  • Unsupported SATA controller (ATI SB450 south bridge)
  • At the time of writing, ALSA didn't correctly see the sound card


I looked around on many fourums, usenet, etc and couldn't find any info. I cheated here I just picked up a supported PCI SATA card. End of story.

ALSA Sound Round 1

The current version of ALSA in debian unstable (1.0.10) simply doesn't properly detect this card. This thread helped:

Here's the abbreviated steps. In short, the CVS version supports it.

mkdir /usr/src/progs
mkdir /usr/src/progs/alsacvs
cd /usr/src/progs/alsacvs
cvs -z3 co .
cd alsa-driver

The INSTALL doc says to use the cvscompile script here to compile. Well, there were a few bugs and it didn't work, so here's what worked for me:

cd /usr/src/progs/alsacvs/alsa-driver
make ALSAKERNELDIR=/usr/src/progs/alsacvs/alsa-kernel all-deps
./configure --with-cards=hda-intel
make dep

Alsa Sound Round 2

It ends up that the above instrucitons didnt work. Here's another URL: \ +southbridge+HD-audio+and+modem.&chip=SB450&module=hda-intel