How to find a falcon Xbox 360 (65nm cpu)


All information on this page is found in this forum thread which has nearly 3000 posts. I did not discover any of this information, I am merely trying to keep it in one location to save you a few hours of reading.

As has been expected for a while, the Falcon (65nm CPU) Xbox 360's started to trickle into stores. At first they were only in some of the Halo Edition consoles, but they've since trickled into many of the new consoles that have HDMI ports. It has become very easy to know for sure if you have one. Simply look on the box and look for a label of 175W indicating a 175 watt power supply, as in this picture:


  • If GO PLAY, GO PRO, or GO BIG are printed on the box, not a sticker, it should be a Falcon.
  • Some falcons can be had in a box marked 203w. However, it is not possible to determine with 100% accuracy which model it is without opening the box and using the method in this thread to look through its vents at the heat sink to see certain characteristics.

Other information: