RANCID for Infinera Coriant Groove


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Hacked in support for Coriant G30 groove for RANCID. If you're instead running Oxidized instead of RANCID, it supports this natively.

This has come up on the rancid-discuss list a few times:

New Files

Place files in appropriate locations:

  • - Based on - goes in lib with and whatnot
  • corlogin - Based on hlogin - goes in bin with clogin, rancid-run, so on


Modifications to rancid.types.conf

coriant;script;rancid -t coriant
coriant;command;coriant::GenericCmd;set -f cli-config cli-columns 4000
# 'show shelf' has a varying temp in it, omit for now
#coriant;command;coriant::GenericCmd;show shelf
coriant;command;coriant::GenericCmd;show inventory
coriant;command;coriant::GenericCmd;show softwareload
coriant;command;coriant::GenericCmd;show alarm
coriant;command;coriant::WriteTerm;show config | display commands


  • Displaying the entire config this way takes a long time if pmstats are enabled (which they should be!). Could consider splitting up show config to a ton of different commands to avoid this.