Ubuntu Fix Annoying Things


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Here lies some steps of things to unfuck some default settings from Ubuntu and or its default applications, desktops, etc that I find awful. Note that these are the opinions of someone who expects to mostly navigate by keyboard, and has not used Windows since Win2k or so, primarily switching to XFCE for many years, which mostly has the same behavior of classic windows.

Why aren't I still running XFCE then? On my current work laptop - Dell XPS 13 9370 - many things simply didnt work properly - touchpad, power management, etc. After months of frustration and realizing that a coworkers laptop had no issues with stock Ubuntu LTS, I switched, only to find many issues that seem mind bogglingly incorrect.

Here are my fixes, mainly for my own documentation

Keyboard Shortcuts

Super+R "Run" Behavior

  • Expectation: Mimic Windows 'run' behavior with Super (aka windows key) + R Key combo:
  • Reality: nah
  • Fix: Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts, Show the run prompt map to Super+R


  • Expectation: Switch between windows including important visual cues (highlight window, show a popup of windows)
  • Reality: By default, it switches between app groups, not windows (like OSX does)
  • Fix: Nothing great, Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts, re-map key to use the Alt-Esc method instead (which highlights borders but does not show pop up)

  • Expectation: Alt-Tab is instant
  • Reality: Ubuntu 18 introduced intentional lag because ???
  • Fix: Install and run gnome-tweaks, Extensions -> Alt-Tab switcher popup delay removal: On

  • Expectation: Alt+Shift+Tab goes back in list
  • Reality: Nah
  • Fix: ??

File manager

  • Expectation: When browsing a list of files, start typing to skip to that section
  • Reality: When you start typing it starts doing a filesystem search
  • Fix: Replace the default Nautilus file manager with nautilus-typeahead


  • Expectation: Have reasonable shortcuts to open new tabs, set tab titles, and cycle through them
  • Reality: Nah (cant set tab titles at all), shortctuts are different than expected
  • Fix: Use xfce4-terminal instead