8BitDo M30 2.4G Firmware


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Sometime after writing these instructions, they started releasing official firmware so read their docs instead.


8bitDo makes controllers in the style of and for use on retro gaming systems. They recently released two Sega Genesis models, both named M30. One "2.4G" which comes with a Genesis dongle for $25 on Amazon, and another which uses standard bluetooth for $30. The genesis bluedooth dongle is another $20, and allegedly has latency issues.


Firmware on 8bitdo's website is for M30 bluetooth, NOT for M30 2.4G. Many folks have had issues connection drop with the 2.4G model, but 8bitdo does not list firmware on their website. Thanks to videogameobsession's video and hosting the files originally, which is where I got my copy from.




  • Put the controller into update mode by pressing L and R triggers simultaneously, and then start.
  • Blue and Green LEDs next to USB connector will blink
  • Plug in to your Computer
    • Any OS will do, it will show up as a usb drive.
    • Mine showed up with the current firmware version in the mount name, which was V1_90.
  • Copy V2.00_GamePad(190312).dat to it. After a minute or so the USB drive will go away on its own.
  • Unplug USB, plug it back in again, it should now show up mounted as V2_00, indicating you're good.


  • Remove the plastic case from the dongle, which requires a tiny hex or torx t5 bit
  • A Micro USB port will be visible on the PCB, Connect to PC
  • It will show up as a USB drive, again indicating its firmware version
  • Copy V2.00_RR(190312).dat to it
  • wait a minute or so, unplug and plug back in, it shuold now mount as V2_00.